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My plan for 2017

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My plan for 2017

Pascale Delisle

A new year begins with new objectives and dreams to accomplish. How do you plan for the year ahead for your marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, trips and training plans?

My trick is to start by reviewing the last year, training hours by sport, performance improvements (or not!). Did I reach the goals I had set at the beginning of the year? Should I hire a coach? Should I sign up for a running or triathlon club?

I am sharing what I have used in the past to do this planning, excel, Joe Friel’s book  and now  It is quite simple to come up with a plan which can be used for training but also events I want to participate in whether it is a marathon, half-marathon, triathlon or cycling event.

I also saw another idea on the Runner’s World website called a “Vision board” It is a more visual tool which could be more inspiring than just numbers.

Another portion of my planning is travel. I like to participate in events away from home, it is a good way to discover a city and the atmosphere is different when a major event is taking place. By selecting my events early in the year I can take advantage of the airlines’ seat sales as they come out and the hotel selection is better. I plan my itinerary around the marathon, half-marathon or triathlon and I try to arrive a few days prior to the event to get over the jetlag or get used to the temperature.  I also like to do other sports while on holiday such as hiking, golf or cycling so I plan accordingly!

There you go, good luck with your plans!