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Newsletter Fall 2016

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Fit to Travel Vacations blog posts. We are an online travel agency specialized in triathlon and running vacations

Newsletter Fall 2016

Pascale Delisle

About us

As a travel agency, we offer all the usual travel products but also a variety of packages for sports enthusiasts and their supporters, whether it is for a triathlon or a running event around the world. We aim to find 4-5* hotels close to the start of events, that have a spa so you can relax before or after your event. Our objective is to create a special vacation, tailor made for you. As travel advisors we aim to save your valuable time by doing the travel arrangements for you.

Our new products

·        Did you enjoy the Olympic fever last summer? The Masters Games event is the equivalent for non-olympic athletes, your age is the only qualification needed. It takes place every 4 years and the next ones will be April 21st to 30th,2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. They have an opening and closing ceremony and many activities for the athletes throughout the 2 weeks.  Whether you want to attend and compete in the running events 21k or 10k or the triathlon, sprint or Olympic distances, or another sport we offer a package to take you there.


For more information on the Games and to register see the official website



·        We added the eDreams Barcelona half Marathon on February 12th 2017 to our product line recently including registration for the event.

Race registrations

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Travel Destination feature


Barcelona, Spain

·        Barcelona, is the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. This cosmopolitan city is located in the north of Spain on the Mediterranean sea. The architecture is quite varied, from Roman ruins to 20th century buildings. The artistic influence is also very present across the city

·        Traveling within the city can be done using their metro/tram, buses or renting a bicycle

·        Some of the key attractions are:

o   Basilica of La Sagrada Familia

o   Barcelona Cathedral

o   The Picasso Museum

o   National Art Museum of Catalonia

o   Las Ramblas avenue

o   Casa Mila

o   Gothic Quarter

o   Montjuic

o   The Beaches

o   And don’t forget you are a short drive away from the vineyards including some Cava producers

·        The Spanish people are well known to have their supper at a later time, tapas is one of the typical dish served in many restaurants along with Spanish wine or Cava.

·        The average temperature is as follows

o   February: 13 C 

o   March: 16 C

o   October: 22C

Did you know?

·        Do you want to travel with your friends to a race or simply for an active getaway? We can arrange group trips for you.

·        Are you a coach who wants to organize a training camp? Give us a call, we can help arrange the group booking for you so you can focus on the training services you give to your customers.