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Bike Hike

Fit to Travel Vacations is a Canadian online travel agency which offers active trips which include activities such as biking and hiking 

Bike and hike vacations

We have selected some vacation packages which offer both a cultural and active aspect. Activities such as riding or hiking are part or the itineraries offered. There are other cruise itineraries offered in Europe. Contact us for more options. 


We can offer you many cycling and hiking adventures with groups or self-guided. Here are some of the destinations offered:

Africa: Morocco, South Africa & Botswana

Asia and outh Pacific: Bali, Cambodia, India, Laos, Japan, New-Zealand,Thailand, Vietnam

Canada and United States: Many states and provinces, such as Arizona, North and South Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, New-Mexico, Utah, the Rockies

Caribbean: Belize & Guatemala, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, St-Kitts & Nevis

Europe: Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Holland & Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom and more