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About us

Online full service, Canadian travel agency Fit to Travel Vacations which offers sports related travel to triathlon and running events across the world

About us

Our online travel agency is specialized in sports packages for the active traveler and his travel companion.  We combine sports, good food and various activities. We love sports and have participated in various triathlons, running events, played on golf courses around the world and rode our bikes in various countries. We have visited more than 50 countries and have a long experience in the travel industry. We like to get off the beaten path that is why we offer popular destinations but also some less common to have you try new experiences. Are you fit to travel?

We offer a variety of travel packages for various sports enthusiasts and their supporters. Long distance triathlons and half-long distance triathlons, full marathons and half-marathons vacations, 10km, 5km, biking, hiking vacations and some special events as well around the world.

If you are looking for an event or a different destination, do not hesitate to contact us

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